Us Vs The Other Guy

What is the difference between MRE & Other Mold Remediation Companies?

Mold Removal Express vs. The Other Guys

Feature MRE The Other Guys
LOW Prices YES NO. Their prices are typically much higher because of old technology & cumbersome methods.
FIRM Prices YES NO. It is not unusual for the other guys to raise prices as they are working on your job.
QUICK Service YES NO. They usually take a week or sometimes longer to complete their work.
ONE-YEAR Guarantee YES NO.

We Are Your BEST Choice For Home Mold Remediation.

Mold Removal Express is a black mold remediation company like no other. We do not use the typical “destruction” remediation methods. It doesn’t take us days or weeks to rid your property of a mold hazard. We are not secretive about our prices.

Instead, we make mold remediation fast, simple, cost effective and GUARANTEED!

There is only one choice for a black mold removal company;

Mold Removal Express.

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