About Our Mold Remediation Process

About Our Mold Remediation Process

Q – How does Mold Removal Express make homes safe from the hazards of mold?

A – We use our “Micro Mist” technology to sterilize and decontaminate homes and other spaces from mold.

Q – What is “Micro Mist”?

A – A dense vaporous cloud that gently floats our non-toxic, mold-killing and neutralizing solution to all the exposed surfaces and air spaces in the treated area.

Q – What if I have mold hidden inside my walls?

A – If you have mold inside your walls (usually caused by flooding, poor drainage or plumbing leaks) you will likely need to have the internally mold contaminated drywall areas cut open so our fog can fully contact the (previously) hidden mold and make the area safe. We can assist you with that or you can have it done by others before we arrive.

Q – Does my furniture need to be covered?

A – Just as a precaution (since our “Micro-Mist” is a moist vapor), if you need us to we can assist you in covering your wood furniture, pictures, aquariums and clothing before treatment. There may be an additional charge for this service.

What I Need To Do?

Q – Do we have to be out of our home while during the mold treatment?

A – Yes, but you can return to your home the next day. When you come back in, you will notice a fresh clean fragrance. After two or three days, the fragrance will be minimal or gone completely.

Q – What do I have to do before Mold Removal Express arrives?

A – First, it is very important that you make sure that the moisture source (the original cause of the mold) has been identified and repaired. Then all we need is for you to do is cover any items that may be negatively affected by our dense fog solution and make sure the electricity is on so we can power our equipment.

Q – What should be done after the work is completed?

A – When we have completed the home mold removal, your hard surface floors in the treated areas may need to be wet mopped (including tub and shower floors) to prevent slippery conditions. Beyond that, you don’t have to do anything after we’re done. Just come back in and enjoy your healthy home.

About Our Services

Q – Do you offer a mold testing service?

A – Yes. We use standard Live Spore type of mold tests. We use these tests because we find them to be just as effective at determining live mold presence as the other more complicated and expensive tests that must be submitted to laboratories for evaluation.

Q – What do you charge for your service?

A – If you need a price quote, give us a call at (720)445-6701 and we can typically quote a price right over the phone. You can also send an email telling us which area of the home is suspected to have mold (living areas, attic, basement, crawlspace), about how large the area is (in square feet) and (if you know it) what the source of moisture was that has caused the mold. We will contact you with a price quote and additional information.

Q – Can you decontaminate our heating and A/C ducts?

A – Yes. If we are treating all the living areas, we can include the sterilizing of the air ducts at the same time AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Q – What if I only have mold in my basement? Or in the attic? Or even in just one room?

A – We can treat just a basement or just part of the home. However, unless we treat the entire airflow area, we cannot offer our Money-Back Guarantee and One-Year Guarantee. The reason is simple; mold is airborne. It is not just confined to where you see it or smell it. So, if it is in a basement, then it is quite likely present in the other areas of the home as well.

Q – What if i only have mold in my attic or crawlspace?

A – We often treat just the attic or just the crawlspace. Our mold treatment is much more effective at decontaminating these areas than the old-fashioned expensive and destructive methods.

Q – Does your treatment make the mold disappear?

A – No – the physical appearance of the mold will not change after our treatment. However, with our treatment that no longer matters. Since we neutralize the toxins at the same time as we are killing the mold, the cleaning off of the dead mold is not necessary for a healthy home. After our home mold removal treatment, you can choose to leave it there, clean it yourself, or purchase MRE’s Mold Cleaning Service.

Q – What if my basement was flooded?

A – Anytime drywall has been saturated with water, the recommended procedure is to remove it to a height about 24” above the highest water level. This also allows our “Micro Mist” to penetrate into the wall cavities and do its work in those previously hidden areas.

Administrative Details

Q – Will my home pass a mold test after your mold treatment?

A – Yes – and we Guarantee it! If we are treating the entire air flow area (all the living areas or all of the attic or all of the crawlspace) we fully guarantee that your home will pass a live spore mold test right after our treatment. After our treatment, you may still see some of the visible mold colonies you saw before; but keep in mind that they will all be dead entirely through the root system and the mycotoxins that they created will be fully neutralized.

Q – What is your guarantee?

Q – I have high chemical sensitivity. Will your treatment adversely affect me?

A – Typically No but it is possible. We have treated many homes for many people who have very high chemical sensitivity. On request, we can provide a small cloth sample that has been dipped in the chemical then dried so you can see for yourself if you have any reaction to it. We have found no cases in which an occupant experienced any negative effects from our product, our treatment or even a sample.

Q – Do You Have References?

A – Sorry, but we do not provide a list of references. Due to the legal, privacy and stigma issues that surround mold contamination, we keep all client names and property addresses confidential . This has been our policy since our inception. For this same reason, we do not have signage on our vehicles or work attire. We apologize in advance for this. To help our future customers feel confident in our service, we have implemented our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and our ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE. With both of these guarantees in place, choosing Mold Removal Express is a TOTALLY RISK FREE DECISION.

More questions about our home mold removal service? We would love to answer them for you!