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Accurate, Affordable & Expedited Mold Testing Service

Mold Removal Express offers effective & simple mold test services in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder and all surrounding areas.

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100% Guaranteed Mold Testing Service

Mold Removal Express offers professional non-viable mold testing services. Non-viable mold testing involves gathering at least two air or surface samples from your property & submitting the samples to a local laboratory for analysis. The result is a lab report evaluating if mold is present, and if so, what types & quantities of mold exist in your property. Mold Removal Express believes in this method because it is accurate, affordable and results are available within three days. Plus, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on our testing services!

Accurate, Affordable & Expedited Mold Testing Services

Like our mold removal services, MRE’s Mold Testing Service is ideally crafted to serve our customers. We have developed this service to serve our customers in an ACCURATE, AFFORDABLE & EXPEDITED mold testing service.


Our MRE Mold Testing and Inspection technicians adhere to the standards put in place by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) (refer to to ensure the highest accuracy in your testing procedure. As with our Mold Removal Services, we offer our Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our testing procedures!


Mold Removal Express was founded on the principle of affordable mold solutions for any customer. Our mold testing services are no different. Non-viable mold tests analyzed at a local lab is the industry’s MOST affordable way to get an accurate analysis of the potential mold hazard within your property. Plus, your Mold Removal Express consultant will advise you as to when to test and the minimum tests required to achieve your goals!


You will receive your mold test results via email within 24 hours. Plus, if needed we can put a rush on the analysis to get the test results to you as quickly as 3 hours! We understand the need to have these results quickly so that you can move forward. Your time will always be valued at the highest level by Mold Removal Express

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Mold testing is an important step in the process of ensuring that your property is safe from Mold. The accuracy and timeliness of mold testing reports from Mold Removal Express give you actionable data that help make informed decisions about a potential mold contamination. If there is any suspicion that your home or a home you are about to purchase could have mold, investing in a mold test is a no-brainer!

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