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Fast. Affordable. 100% Guaranteed.

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What You Get When You Choose Our Black Mold Removal Service:

  • At Mold Removal Express, we offer a cutting edge mold remediation method that will have your property free of the mold hazard in 24 hours.
  • The most affordable Mold Remediation Service you will find. Most homes can be fully treated by Mold Removal Express for LESS THAN $2,800!
  • Friendly customer service helping you make the right decision for you, your family and your home!
  • 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee and a One Year Guarantee against the mold returning.

The Technique

  • MRE’s Mold Removal Service utilizes “Mico-Mist” technology. Micro-Mist is a dense, vaporous cloud that gently floats our non-toxic, mold-killing solution to all the exposed surfaces and air spaces in the treated area.
  • Since Micro-Mist is a dense vapor, wooden furniture and other moisture sensitive items should be covered before the treatment. After the Mold Removal Service your hard surfaces must be wet mopped.
  • The Micro-Mist solution kills mold all the way down through the root system and the mycotoxins that they create will be neutralized, WE GUARANTEE IT.
  • THAT’S IT!!!

Please note that in order to make sure that your mold hazard does not return, you must remedy the source of moisture. Mold Removal Express does not solve the moisture source problem.

Mold Removal Express Makes Mold Remediation - Fast, Affordable & Fully Guaranteed

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