Spot Treatment Mold Removal

Mold Removal In A Small Area Of Your Property


Mold On Wall

    What You Get When You Choose Our SPOT TREATMENT Mold Removal Service:

  • At Mold Removal Express, we also offer an economical way of making small moisture intrusion (and visibly moldy) areas in the home safe from mold hazards.

  • The SPOT TREATMENT procedure is priced at only $800 for any one living area of the home that is less than 32 square feet. Please note that drywall or other cutting is not included in the spot treatment but can be added if needed at an extra cost. We do not replace drywall after completion.

  • This treatment is perfect for small, localized mold contaminations.

  • Most SPOT TREATMENT mold removal services are done in just 2-3 hours.

  • The SPOT TREATMENT process uses the same mold killing and toxin neutralizing solution as our Micro-Mist, large area solution but in spray form only to kill and neutralize the mold growth.

  • 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee and a One Year Guarantee against the mold returning.

  • Our NO HIDDEN CHARGES Guarantee assures you there’ll be no surprises in the price.

  • Our friendly customer service that will take the time to assist you in making the right decision for you, your family and your home!

The Technique

  • Once the affected areas of mold are accessible and any hidden mold areas (such as in a wall or in a ceiling) are opened up so we can access them we apply our Sterilizing and Decontamination solution to those areas to Kill the mold and neutralize any mold toxins it contacts.
  • We then clean off the visible, accessible mold from the surfaces we have treated.

  • Then we re-sterilize the surfaces we have treated to make sure all of the mold is dead and the toxins neutralized.

  • We leave the treated areas open so they can dry out and be tested if you so choose.

With Mold Removal Express, you’ll find that can rest easy knowing the job will be done right, on time and on budget. WE GUARANTEE IT. THAT’S IT!!!

Please note that in order to make sure that your mold hazard does not return, you must remedy the source of moisture. Mold Removal Express does not solve the moisture source problem.

Mold Removal Express Makes Mold Remediation - Fast, Affordable & Fully Guaranteed

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