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Mold Removal Express makes black mold remediation simple & manageable. We can help get any property in or around Fort Collins free of a mold contamination and safe for you, your family or your clients. Call today for assistance with anything mold related: (720)445-6701

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Mold Removal services for AS LITTLE AS $800 (small contaminations) or $2,800 (fogging treatment typically for attics and crawl spaces).

Mold Removal Express offers affordable black mold removal services in Fort Collins and across Northern Colorado. We utilize cutting edge black mold remediation methods to rid your property of hazardous mold while not breaking you pocket book. With Mold Removal Express, black mold is no longer a catastrophic issue for homeowners!

Ask About the 100% Money Back Guarantee on Fort Collins Mold Removal Services!

Mold Removal Express also offers professional mold testing Fort Collins and inspection services. If you need a property lab tested for mold in the Fort Collins area, we are here to serve you. We prioritize fast turnaround time for our mold testing clients to ensure that you are able to act quickly if there is a mold contamination found. If you have any concerns that there may be mold in your home, please contact us. We are here to help you with all things mold!

In truth, we are your go-to resource for anything mold related in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley or anywhere else in Northern Colorado. Even if our services are no the exact right fit for you or your situation, we will give you our professional opinion on how to get the home safe and free of a potential mold hazard.

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