Detailed Scope Of Work Spot Mold Treatment


We will use our NON-TOXIC Sterilizing Fog proprietary technology to kill and neutralize the exposed mold on the surfaces of the areas listed above.

WITH OUR SYSTEM, THE CLEANING OFF OF MOLD IS NOT NECESSARY FOR HEALTH REASONS, IT IS ONLY DONE FOR COSMETIC PURPOSES. Ours is the only process in Colorado (that we know of) that can make the area safe without the need to clean off the visible mold.

Our Spot Treatment process is done in 3 steps:

STEP 1: We will apply our sterilizing solution to the exposed and visible mold on the NEWLY OPENED SURFACE AREAS AS DESCRIBED ABOVE in one area of the home at the above address.

STEP 2: We will CLEAN OFF the visible, accessible mold in conjunction with the above treatment. Please note that the cleaning process will discolor the raw drywall areas, nearby carpeting and other nearby surfaces.

STEP 3: We will re-apply our sterilizing solution to the same areas after the cleaning process is done.


  • Please note that our Sterilizing Spot Treatment does not change the appearance of the visible mold in the treated area, but it will be fully killed and fully decontaminated (including the mycotoxins present) so the area will be safe from mold hazards.
  • The Spot Treatment area is limited to one moisture source in one room.
  • We can treat areas only up to 8 feet in height.
  • No other surface areas or rooms will be treated other than those mentioned above.
  • No attic areas or crawlspace areas will be treated.
  • No drywall (or other) cutting will be done. Please have any cutting or removal done before we arrive.
  • If there is any hidden mold in the building which we cannot see or access, then our treatment will not be fully effective, and our guarantees would not be valid for those areas.


Our service is a modern technology fog-based mold remediation system that decontaminates and disinfects the exposed interior surfaces and interior spaces from microbial activity such as bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew, etc. This EPA REGISTERED AND BIODEGRADABLE sterilizing methodology will kill mold through the root system and will neutralize the chemical toxins typically created by this type of microbial activity. When we are done with the treatment, we will issue you a Guarantee Certificate that states the address of the building, the date it was treated, and the text of our Double Guarantee (Money-Back and One-Year) as described elsewhere in this document.

We encourage you to test the surfaces of the treated areas after our work is done so you will have the same level of confidence in our process that we do – 100%. If you have post-treatment testing done, since we are only treating the surfaces of the mold contaminated areas and not the air, be sure it is either a surface swab sample or surface tape lift sample (not air samples) and the sampled area(s) are clearly photographed with labels as to the exact location the sampled area(s). If you have air sampling done, since we do not use HEPA air filters or air scrubbers (to save you money) it is possible some lingering spores in the air may cause the sample to show a high reading even though the mold spore production has ceased. You can minimize the airborne spores by using fans (blowing in and blowing out) near the work area or renting a HEPA filter from and equipment rental company.

Simply stated, we offer:

  • Low Prices
  • A Simple and Safe Process
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • One-Year Guarantee
    • No Hidden Charges Guarantee


CUT AWAY AND REMOVE DRYWALL: If you want us to cut away the mold contaminated drywall, we would do so only as an extra cost option beyond the price quoted above. Please note that…

  • Our company does not cut out more than 32 square feet of drywall unless an asbestos test has been run on the home as per the State of Colorado requirements. It is your responsibility to take care of that before we arrive. The State of Colorado requires that an asbestos test be done in any home that has 32 square feet or more of drywall cut out regardless of the year the home was built. We do not arrange for or provide this service if it is needed. It is your responsibility to comply with this regulation in full before we arrive to do the job. By accepting this proposal, you are agreeing to comply with this requirement.
  • We do not cut and remove items other than drywall and baseboards. If additional items or materials need removal (so we can access the contaminated structural wood), you would need to have someone else do that before we can do our sterilizing treatment.
  • Our cutting work is designed to open up the possibly contaminated hidden areas so we can sterilize them and clean them. We will be careful during this operation, but because we use saws to cut open these areas, we do not guarantee that surrounding areas (or inside-the-wall electrical or plumbing components) will remain undamaged from our work.
  • We will do our best to remove all of the contaminated areas based on our visual assessment, but we cannot totally guarantee that there will not be some remaining contaminated areas.
  • We will clean up the debris associated with the work done.
  • We will dispose of the contaminated drywall in an appropriate disposal site.


Our process and product are very effective at killing the existing, exposed mold and neutralizing the chemical poisons (mycotoxins) on the treated surface areas. If we are including our “100% Money-Back Performance Guarantee” and our “One-Year Guarantee”, here is the sample text of our MONEY-BACK and ONE-YEAR Spot Treatment Guarantee...

“This document certifies that Mold Removal Express has treated the ZZZZZZZZ in the home located at ZZZZZZZZZ CO with our EPA REGISTERED, BIO-DEGRADEABLE Mold-Killing and Neutralizing Process. The work was completed on ZZZZZ. We guarantee that (if moisture levels are normal) no new mold contamination will occur in the treated areas for a period of ONE YEAR or we will re-treat at no charge. We also guarantee that when the areas we have treated are tested with a “Live Spore” air sample type test within 48 hours following our treatment, the amount of live mold inside the treated areas will be no greater than the very high actual Historical outdoor mold levels for Colorado. If, in the rare event that the first treatment and testing do not yield successful results as described above, we may retreat the area up to two more times. Then, if after re-treatment and/or air scrubbing and ozone, we cannot bring the inside levels of live mold down to below (or equal to) the Historical outdoor levels for Colorado, we will refund 100% of the cost of the sterilizing treatment for that area. We reserve the right to obtain our own test results. We may require suspected hidden mold areas to be exposed before retreatment. Test failure from hidden mold that our processes cannot reach is not covered. If you have trouble finding a company to do the Live Spore testing, we can do it, but that could be considered a conflict of interest. This guarantee is fully transferable.”


We have put together this brief information sheet to let you know what to expect before, during and after our treatment and what we need for you to do in advance of our arrival. Please read it and let us know right away if you have any questions or comments.

STOP THE MOISTURE INTRUSION – In order for our treatment to be long lasting, you must identify and stop the moisture intrusion that has allowed the existing mold to grow so new mold spores (coming in from the neighborhood) do not start growing in your building soon after our treatment. Our One-Year Guarantee is not valid if the moisture intrusion problem is not remedied.

REMOVE STANDING WATER - If you have had water intrusion and you still have standing water, it must be removed before we arrive. Standing water can make the air humid enough to start new mold colonies growing on organic materials (wood, drywall, paper, some paint, etc.). This could, if not remedied, cause our treatment to be ineffective. Our guarantees would be invalid if there is standing water in any of the areas we are to treat.

DRY OUT THE AREA TO BE TREATED - To ensure that no new mold colonies begin to grow in your building right after our treatment, please make sure that the area to be treated is as dry as the normal air around the outside of the building and all organic materials (wood, drywall, etc.) that are to be treated have been dried out to normal levels.

REMOVE WOOD THAT HAS ROTTED OR SOFTENED – If your home has areas of wood that have been exposed to water for an extended period of time, it is possible that it has become damaged beyond the point of usefulness and should be removed and replaced with new wood. You can tell if this has occurred by inspecting it to see if part of it has fallen away or become soft compared to the surrounding areas.

MAKE SURE THE POWER IS ON – Please be sure that the electricity is on so we can plug in our equipment and power tools. If there is no power available, please provide some source of 15 amp, 120-volt power for our use on the day of the treatment.

TURN OFF ELECTRICAL BREAKER FOR OUTLETS NEAR OUR WORK AREA – Please switch off any electrical breakers for electrical outlets that are in the vicinity of the area we will be working in. Since we use liquid sterilant solutions and cleaning solutions, some of that liquid may seep into electrical outlets and cause a short circuit which could lead to a fire hazard in the home.

OPEN UP WINDOWS IN TREATED AREAS – If you can and if the weather will permit it, please open at least two windows or doors on each side of the other level(s) of the building and use fans to ventilate the area(s) to minimize the odors from our treatment.

PROTECT AREAS NEAR CARPETING, FLOORING, CABINETRY, PLUMBING FIXTURES OR OTHER SURFACES - If we are treating an area near any of the above-mentioned materials, please lift up and pull away, remove or protect the nearby carpeting, rugs, flooring or other surfaces from our solutions before we arrive. If you leave these materials in place and unprotected, it is possible that our processes may cause discoloration or other damage to them.

CELLPHONE NUMBER - Please make sure to give us a contact phone number where someone can be reached before or during our work in case we have a need for it. And, please make sure you can make yourself available by cell phone when we’re beginning your job in case we have questions.

ACCESS - Please be at your building to open the door for us at the time and date listed above in the work order or hide a key for us so we can get in and do our work. If you cannot be there, please call us the day before the treatment to tell us how we can get in.

HIDDEN MOLD - If there is any hidden mold in the building which we cannot see or access, then our treatment will not be fully effective, and our guarantees would not be valid for those areas.

CLEANING OFF MOLD NEAR CARPETING - If we are treating and cleaning an area near carpeting please lift and pull away the nearby carpeting before we arrive. If you leave the carpeting in place next to the wall, our cleaning solution will highly likely creep under the carpeting and then wick up into the carpet fibers. It is likely that this would cause the carpeting to be discolored. We are not responsible for any discoloration of carpeting near our work area.

RENTAL PROPERTY - If your rental property is occupied, please send your tenant(s) the information in this “GENERAL INFORMATION” section so they can be aware of it and prepare as needed before we arrive to do our work.

MULTI-UNIT BUILDING - If your home is connected to another home with common walls or spaces, you must let your neighbors know that it is possible that some of the odor from our process could enter their living space and they should not be there during our treatment. Please feel free to have them call us if they have questions. You assume full responsibility for any and all damage or injury to people or property that might occur as a result of our work.

SUSPECTED HIDDEN MOLD BEHIND DRYWALL (OR OTHER MATERIALS) - If you suspect there is hidden mold behind drywall (or other materials), you should arrange to have the contaminated drywall and insulation (or other surface materials as needed) removed plus at least one extra foot to expose any hidden mold areas on the structural wood components that that we need to decontaminate. Our treatment system is very effective at sterilizing and decontaminating mold and the toxins they create but if we cannot access all of the moldy areas (including mold that is hidden behind drywall or other materials) we cannot do a complete job of making the area(s) safe from mold. Please make sure you remove all drywall that has (on either the visible side or hidden side) mold like substances, water marks or any other indications that mold might be present by at least an extra foot or two as a safety margin. After you have cut out and removed the contaminated materials please sweep up or vacuum up the remaining debris so our treatment solution will be able to work effectively. Any areas with debris covering potentially contaminated materials may not be fully decontaminated and thus may not be guaranteed.

ATTIC, CRAWLSPACE AND OTHER ROOMS ARE EXCLUDED – We do not include attic or crawlspace areas in our Spot Treatment work because if there is mold there, based on our experience, there is very likely mold on other surface areas that may not be visible. If that is the case, a subsequent air sample mold test could likely fail due to no fault of ours. We only do the Sterilizing Fog Treatment in attic or crawlspace areas.

IF YOU CUT OUT MATERIALS THAT MAY BE HIDING MOLD - Our treatment system is highly effective at sterilizing and decontaminating mold and they toxins they create but if we cannot access all of the mold (especially mold that is hidden behind drywall or other materials) we cannot do a complete job of making the area safe from mold and we cannot guarantee our work. Please make sure that any mold contaminated drywall is removed at least one foot beyond any visible mold on either the facing side or the back side. Also, please remove any other materials or objects that may be concealing hidden mold before we arrive so we can fully access all mold contaminated areas. Also, please note that we are not responsible for damage to persons or property arising from mold that remains hidden.

IF WE CUT OUT MOLDY MATERIALS - If we are going to be cutting out areas of moldy drywall or cabinetry, we take care to not cut into the surface any more than necessary but we cannot know what is behind or below the surfaces and thus it is possible some items (pipes, wiring, etc.) that are installed too close to these contaminated surfaces could be damaged by the cutting. We cannot be responsible for any damage to the walls or items beyond these areas when we are doing our work. Also, we limit our drywall cutout and removal to 32 square feet.

ASBESTOS REGULATIONS - The State of Colorado requires that an asbestos test be done in any RESIDENTIAL building that has 32 square feet or more of drywall cut out regardless of the year the building was built. That is why we limit our drywall cutting to 32 square feet. OTHER BUILDINGS have a limit of 160 square feet. We do not arrange for or provide this service if it is needed. It is your responsibility to comply with this regulation in full before we arrive to do the job. By accepting this proposal, you are agreeing to comply with this requirement. For more information about this regulation, please use the link .

UNCOVERED HARD FLOORS MAY BE SLIPPERY WHEN WET - After our treatment, hard surface floors in the area we have treated may be slippery when wet. This is because one of the ingredients in our process is a surfactant (commonly known as a detergent). It helps the solution remain wetter longer and penetrate deeper. Please be sure to clean the hard surface floors, bathtubs and shower floors in the treated area by wet mopping soon after re-entering your building to avoid a possible slippery condition. You agree to indemnify us for any damages to any person injured by slips and/or falls related to our process.

WE DO NOT SEARCH FOR, IDENTIFY OR FIX MOISTURE INTRUSION PROBLEMS – Our business is making areas safe from mold hazards. We do not search for or fix moisture problems. Our responsibility is solely to use our treatment processes to make areas safe from mold inside buildings. If you need to find someone who finds and remedies water intrusion problems, we recommend that you seek out an expert for that work.


  • Please do not enter your building during our work.
  • Please do not open any doors or windows.
  • Please keep pets out or keep them in a separate area there’s no chance of them running away.
  • If you are near our treatment area and you experience any adverse health symptoms or discomfort, leave the area immediately.


  • We will exit the building and lock the door if possible. If we cannot lock the door, we will simply close the door.
  • Please do not enter your building sooner than 5 hours after our work has started. Occupants who are chemically sensitive should not enter the building until they are comfortable doing so. If you suspect that anyone with a higher-than-normal chemical sensitivity will be occupying the building after our treatment, there may be a very small chance that they could experience some discomfort after our process. If you would like, we would be happy to send you a dried sample of the product we use so you can make sure that no one has any negative reaction to it.
  • When you re-enter your building, you will notice an odor from our process but it should not be strong enough to cause you discomfort. Once you are inside, please air out the building for a while to lessen the odor by opening doors and windows. If, after entering the building, you experience any discomfort or ill health conditions, please exit the building and do not enter until you no longer experience any difficulty occupying the building.
  • Please do not disturb the treated areas until after any post-treatment test sampling is completed.
  • If you are not doing testing after our treatment and you are not totally sure the moisture intrusion problems have been remedied, please leave the previously moist areas exposed for at least a month or so (or wait for a heavy rain storm) to make sure there is no further moisture intrusion which may lead to mold growth.


NO SIGNAGE AND UNIFORMS – Because the value of a building may be negatively affected if it is known that it is contaminated by mold, we do not have any signage on our vehicles or on our work clothes that would indicate what work we are doing on your property. If someone asks us what we're doing there, we always answer that we are cleaning which is technically correct.

CUSTOMER INFO IS CONFIDENTIAL – All of our customer data records are sealed and not revealed to anyone except in the case of an appropriate governmental request to disclose it. Your information is safe with us.