Detailed Scope Of Work Fogging Mold Treatment


Our service is a modern technology fog-based mold remediation system that decontaminates and disinfects the exposed interior surfaces and interior spaces from microbial activity such as bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew, etc. This methodology will kill mold through the root system and will neutralize the chemical toxins typically created by this type of microbial activity. When we are done with the treatment, we will issue you a Guarantee Certificate that states the address of the building, the date it was treated, and the text of our Double Guarantee (Money-Back and One-Year) as described elsewhere in this document.

We encourage you to test the treated areas after our work is done so you will have the same level of confidence in our process that we do – 100%. If you have the treated areas tested after our work, you must make sure the type of test used is a LIVE SPORE airborne sampling test (also called a “Culturable Sample” or “Viable Test”) and the samples are taken no later than 48 hours following our treatment to correctly evaluate our process. Please note that live spore testing results may not be accurate if done in inclement weather.

Simply stated, we offer:

  • Low Prices
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • One-Year Guarantee
  • No Hidden Charges Guarantee
  • A Simple and Safe Process


We will use our NON-TOXIC Sterilizing Fog proprietary technology to kill and neutralize the exposed mold in the above listed area(s) in the building at the above address.

Please note that our Sterilizing Fog Treatment does not change the appearance of the visible mold in the treated area, but it will be fully killed and fully decontaminated (including the mycotoxins present) so the area will be safe from mold hazards.

WITH OUR SYSTEM, THE CLEANING OFF OF MOLD IS NOT NECESSARY FOR HEALTH REASONS, IT IS ONLY DONE FOR COSMETIC PURPOSES. Ours is the only process in Colorado (that we know of) that can make the area safe without the need to clean off the visible mold.


Option 1 - No cleaning of mold will be done (mold will still appear as it does now)

Option 2 - We will clean off the visible, accessible mold as needed in all of the treated areas. As stated above, this is just a cosmetic procedure with our fog based mold sterilizing and decontaminating system.

Option 3 - Limited cleaning of visible, accessible mold will be done in one area up to a size of 6’x6’. Please clearly mark the area (with tape or other easy to see method) that we are to clean before we arrive to do the work. If it is not clearly marked, we will not be able to do the cleaning work. If the area to clean is larger than 6’x6’, we would only do that as an entire area surface mold cleaning. If you need that type of cleaning done, it would be done at the rate of $2.00 per square foot of the total crawlspace footprint area.


Our process and product are very effective at killing the existing, exposed mold and neutralizing the chemical poisons (mycotoxins) in the treated areas. We stand behind our work with our “100% Money-Back Performance Guarantee” and our “One-Year Guarantee”. Here is the sample text of our MONEY-BACK and ONE-YEAR guarantee for our “Sterilizing Fog” Process…

“This document certifies that Mold Removal Express has treated the ________ AREAS in the home located at ________ , CO with our Non-Toxic Mold-Killing and Neutralizing Process. The work was completed on ________. We guarantee that (if moisture levels are normal) no new mold contamination will occur in the treated areas for a period of ONE YEAR or we will re-treat at no charge. We also guarantee that when the areas we have treated are tested with a “Live Spore” air sample type test within 48 hours following our treatment, the amount of live mold inside the treated areas will be no greater than the very high actual Historical outdoor mold levels for Colorado. If, in the rare event that the first treatment and testing do not yield successful results as described above, we may retreat the area up to two more times. Then, if after re-treatment and/or air scrubbing and ozone, we cannot bring the inside levels of live mold down to below (or equal to) the Historical outdoor levels for Colorado, we will refund 100% of the cost of the sterilizing treatment for that area. We reserve the right to obtain our own test results. We may require suspected hidden mold areas to be exposed before retreatment. Test failure from hidden mold that our processes cannot reach is not covered. If you have trouble finding a company to do the Live Spore testing, we can do it, but that could be considered a conflict of interest. This guarantee is fully transferable.”


We have put together this brief information sheet to let you know what to expect before, during and after our treatment and what we need you to do in advance of our arrival. Please read it and let us know right away if you have any questions or comments.

MOLD HEALTH HAZARDS - If active mold is present in the home, in order to be safe, it is our recommendation that no one be in the home (except for trained and protected personnel) until after the mold contaminated areas are fully sterilized.

EXPOSING HIDDEN MOLD - We typically do not remove or cut out any drywall (or other such materials) as part of this contract. If you suspect there is hidden mold in your home, it must be exposed for our Fogging Treatment to be effective. We strongly recommend that (before we arrive) you cut out any materials (such as drywall, paneling, flooring, etc.) that are currently concealing any possible hidden mold on structural wood components at least one full foot beyond any visible mold on either the visible or hidden sides. Please remove any remaining debris to ensure our treatment solution can fully contact all contaminated surfaces. Debris covered surfaces may not be fully decontaminated. If there is any hidden mold in the building which our processes cannot access, our Fogging Treatment would not be fully effective, and our guarantees would not be valid.

CUTTING OUT MOLDY MATERIALS - If we are going to be cutting out areas of moldy drywall or cabinetry, we take care to not cut into the surface any deeper than necessary, but we cannot know what is beyond the drywall surfaces and thus it is possible some items (pipes, wiring, etc.) that are installed too close to these contaminated drywall surfaces could be damaged by the cutting. We are not responsible for any damage to the walls or items beyond these areas when we are doing our work. Also, if we are exposing hidden mold, please note that we cannot know for sure the location (and full extent) of hidden mold and thus we cannot be responsible for damage to persons or property arising from mold that remains hidden. As such, we are not responsible for any negative health effects to the occupants from additional mold spores in the air as a result of our work.

CUTTING OUT MATERIALS THAT MAY BE HIDING MOLD - Our treatment system is highly effective at sterilizing and decontaminating mold and they toxins they create but if we cannot access all of the mold (including mold that is hidden behind drywall or other materials) we cannot do a complete job of making the area safe from mold and we cannot guarantee our work. Please make sure you remove all drywall at least one foot beyond any visible mold on either the facing side or the back side. Also, please remove any other materials or objects that may be concealing hidden mold before we arrive so we can fully access all mold contaminated areas.

ASBESTOS REGULATIONS - The State of Colorado requires that an asbestos test be done in any RESIDENTIAL building that has 32 square feet or more of drywall cut out regardless of the year the building was built. OTHER BUILDINGS have a limit of 160 square feet. We do not arrange for or provide this service if it is needed. It is your responsibility to comply with this regulation in full before we arrive to do the job. By accepting this proposal, you are agreeing to comply with this requirement. For more information about this regulation, please use the link .

DAMAGE TO SURFACES - Our sterilizing fog treatment fills the treatment area with a dense fog that settles onto surfaces, leaving a microscopically thin, non-toxic surfactant residue. This residue may cause a dulling effect, lighten the color of certain items like clothing and paper, and potentially damage optical discs and electronics. Paper surfaces may also wrinkle from the moisture. While the residue is easily removed from hard surfaces with a standard household cleaner the day after the treatment, it becomes more resistant to cleaning over time. We do not guarantee any property or contents in the premises and are not responsible for damage resulting from items not being fully protected. To prevent these effects, we recommend covering furniture, paper items, clothing, electronics, pictures, and other items in the treated areas before our arrival. Even if we are only treating the attic, basement, or crawlspace, there is a possibility that the fog may drift into living areas if the building is not tightly constructed. In such cases, the effects described above may occur, and you should take appropriate measures to protect your belongings. We are not responsible for damage resulting from incomplete protection.

CLOSE UP OPEN GAPS – It is important that our Sterilizing Fog not escape to the outside from the areas we are treating during our operation. With that in mind, we need all open areas and gaps larger than one inch to be covered, blocked or in some way closed to prevent our Sterilizing Fog from being diluted with outside air.

OPEN WINDOWS – If we are treating the crawlspace or attic, please (if weather permits) open at least two windows or doors on each side of the other level(s) of the building and use fans to ventilate the area(s) to minimize any fog, odors, or residue in those non-treated areas during and after our treatment.

DRY OUT THE TREATMENT AREA - To ensure that no new mold colonies begin to grow in your building right after our treatment, please make sure that the area to be treated is as dry as the normal air around the outside of the building and all organic materials (wood, drywall, etc) that are to be treated have been dried out to normal levels or make sure to install an airtight vapor barrier right after our treatment.

MAKE SURE THE POWER IS ON – Please be sure that the electricity is on and we have access to at least two 110v outlets that are no farther than 50’ from our work area. If there is no power available, please provide some source of 15 amp 120-volt power for our use on the day of the treatment.

TURN OFF ANY FANS OR RADON BLOWERS – Please turn off any fans or radon blowers that may blow out or remove our fog from the treated areas before we arrive. You can turn them on when you return the next morning.

SMOKE ALARMS MAY ACTIVATE – Our fog treatment might trigger your smoke alarms or other fire alert devices. If they're monitored, let the company know about our work to avoid false alarms. While our treatment hasn't harmed these devices in the past, we recommend checking them afterwards to confirm they are functioning properly.

RENTAL PROPERTY - If we are treating your rental property:

  • Notify tenants: Share the precautions in this document with your tenants before our arrival for preparation.
  • Vacate adjoining units: Occupants of nearby units must vacate from the time we start work until 8:00 PM the same day.
  • Note that the odor may spread: Our treatment odor may enter neighboring units, potentially causing discomfort or harm.
  • We are not responsible for notifying or evacuating occupants of adjoining units or for any harm they or their belongings may experience.

SHARED BUILDINGS - If your home shares walls or spaces with other buildings or units:

  • Adjoining unit occupants must vacate from the time we start work until 8:00 PM on the treatment day.
  • Treatment odor may enter neighboring units, potentially causing discomfort or harm.
  • You are responsible for informing occupants of adjoining units about potential discomfort or illness during treatment.
  • Encourage them to contact us with any questions.
  • You accept full responsibility and liability for any harm to occupants, their property, or possessions caused by their presence during treatment.
  • Please ensure occupants of adjoining units are aware of this information to ensure their safety and well-being.

WEATHER RESTRICTION - If the projected high temperature for the day of your treatment is less than 45 degrees, we may need to postpone your job until the weather warms up. This is because the solutions we use are all water-based, and there is a possibility that the fog may freeze in the air and on surfaces before it can effectively treat the mold. Also, please note that if weather or traffic conditions are such that driving to your job (in our opinion) may be too hazardous or too time-consuming, we reserve the right to cancel your job and re-schedule it for another day.

TEST SAMPLING – If you are having testing done after our treatment, please do not disturb the treated areas (or remove any coverings you put in place before our treatment) until after any post-treatment test sampling is completed and make sure the tests are Live Spore Airborne tests and not Spore trap tests. Spore trap testing is not a valid method of testing the effectiveness of our process. Please note that testing results may not be accurate if done in inclement weather.

MAKE SURE MOISTURE PROBLEM IS FIXED – No matter how thoroughly we decontaminate your building, if you do not find and remedy the source of moisture that has allowed the existing mold to grow (within just a few days), your building will very likely experience new mold growth soon after our work is done.

HARD FLOORS MAY BE SLIPPERY IN FOGGED AREA - Please be aware that (after our fogging treatment) the hard surface floors may become slippery when wet. This is due to the presence of a “surfactant”, a common ingredient in cleaning products, in our treatment solution. This surfactant helps the fog adhere to surfaces for longer, improving penetration and efficacy. To minimize the risk of slipping, we suggest that you wet mop the hard surface floors (including bathtubs and shower floors) as soon as possible after re-entering the treated area. This will remove the microscopically thin, dry film left by the treatment solution and significantly reduce slipperiness. Also, you can expect a slight tackiness when walking on treated floors. This is normal and will disappear once the floors are cleaned.

UNCOVERED CARPET, FABRIC AND OTHER SOFT ITEMS IN FOGGED AREAS SHOULD BE CLEANED AFTER OUR TREATMENT - After our treatment, your carpeted floors, uncovered fabric furniture and other soft items may have a microscopically thin layer of surfactant (as described earlier) on the surface. To avoid this, please cover these items before we arrive or arrange to have them cleaned soon after our treatment.


ACCESS TO THE CRAWLSPACE – We will need an access hatch opening of about 2'x2' and unencumbered by other items such as closet shelves, pole, clothing, boxes, etc. If there is not enough room for us to get our equipment into the crawlspace to do our work, we cannot perform the work there. Please remove the above-listed items if they are present before we arrive. If they are still there when we arrive, by signing this document, you give us permission to remove them in an expedient manner so we can do our work. We cannot guarantee that they will remain undamaged in our removal process. If we are cleaning off mold in the crawlspace, also need at least 30” of working height in the crawlspace to be able to perform our cleaning operations. Areas with less than 30” of working height may not be cleaned off because we will not be able to access them fully.

REMOVE STANDING WATER - If you have had water intrusion and you still have standing water, it must be removed before we arrive. Standing water can make the air humid enough to start new mold colonies growing on organic materials (wood, drywall, etc.). This could, if not remedied, cause our treatment to be ineffective. Our guarantees would be invalid if there is standing water in any of the areas we are to treat.

ANIMALS IN CRAWLSPACE - If we are doing cleaning work and your crawlspace has animals, reptiles, or insects, they must be removed before our treatment can proceed. This is necessary to ensure the safety of our crew. If we arrive and find any animals in the crawlspace, we will be unable to complete the treatment and we would have to reschedule your treatment once the crawlspace is clear.

DEBRIS IN CRAWLSPACE – If there is debris in the crawlspace such as loose plastic, cardboard, carpeting, boxes, or other materials that can interfere with our Sterilizing Fog process, it is essential that those items be removed before our treatment to make sure that all areas of the floor of the crawlspace are fully and effectively treated.

MOIST SOIL - If your crawlspace has moist soil, the humidity from that is very likely the cause of the mold growth. The source of that moisture is almost always from wet dirt outside wicking into the crawlspace dirt. That humidity must be mitigated for a long-lasting solution to the mold problem. Even though fans can help, we have found that an airtight vapor barrier is the best solution. If the moisture problem is not mitigated, mold will re-grow shortly after our treatment and thus our One-Year Guarantee would not be in effect. You are responsible for checking soil moisture before treatment and arranging for moisture mitigation. We are not responsible for notifying you of moisture conditions during our work.

EXISTING PLASTIC LINER - If your crawlspace has a plastic liner over the dirt, it may inhibit the effectiveness of our fogging treatment. We highly recommend removing the plastic before our treatment (unless it's a fully hermetically sealed vapor barrier). The reason is that it may hide mold-contaminated soil. That could reduce the effectiveness of our treatment and could cause future mold tests to fail through no fault of ours. Also, our fogged solution could puddle on the plastic potentially causing skin irritation if touched before it dries.

INSULATION ON CEILING JOISTS - If there is insulation between the joists of the crawlspace our fog will not be able to fully penetrate into all of the contact areas between the wood and the insulation. Because of that, it is possible that there may be some past mold remaining in those hidden areas that is not killed and neutralized and thus we cannot guarantee those areas. Please have that insulation removed before we arrive.


ATTIC ACCESS - We need an unobstructed access hatch measuring of about 2’x2’ to be able to treat your attic for mold. Please remove any of these items that may block access into the attic: closet shelves, poles, clothing, boxes and other obstructions. If there are items are present that prevent us from accessing the attic, you agree to give us permission to remove them to be able to get into the attic for our treatment. We will do our best to minimize damage during the removal process, but we cannot guarantee it.

DELAY ADDING VENTILATION - We know that the main cause of mold in an attic is poor ventilation, and we highly recommend that you install extra venting in the attic after our treatment to prevent mold from growing in the future. If you have extra venting installed before we do our treatment, it is likely that our fog will escape from the attic before it can do its work and thus our guarantees would not be valid. If we get there and it seems that there is too much open ventilation in the attic, we would not be able to do the job.

EXISTING VENTILATION - To ensure effective treatment, please cover any existing ridge vents or large gable end vents before our arrival. These vents allow rapid airflow, potentially causing our fog to escape before it can be effective. That would invalidate our guarantees. We are unable to access roofs for vent covering. Our policies prevent us from walking on the roof or using large ladders. If excessive ventilation is present upon arrival, we may need to reschedule your treatment.

RIDGE VENT OR LARGE GABLE END VENTS – Ridge vents and the larger type of gable end vents are very efficient at allowing air to flow in and out of an attic. That can prevent the buildup of moisture in the attic and thus prevent mold from growing. But, because of the increased air flow, that can dilute the concentration of fog that we need to be able to do our job effectively. So, if your home has these vents, please cover them before we arrive. If we get there and it seems that there is too much open ventilation in the attic, we would not be able to do the job.

TALL ATTIC ACCESS HATCH – If your attic hatch is over 8 feet from the floor, please let us know in advance so we can bring a taller ladder. If we get there and we cannot safely access the attic, we would not be able to do the job and we would have to reschedule your treatment.


NO SIGNAGE AND UNIFORMS – Because the value of a building may be negatively affected if it is known that it is contaminated by mold, we do not have any signage on our vehicles or on our work clothes that would indicate what work we are doing on your property. If someone asks us what we're doing there, we always answer that we are cleaning which is technically correct.

CUSTOMER INFO IS CONFIDENTIAL – All of our customer data records are sealed and not revealed to anyone except in the case of an appropriate governmental request to disclose it. Your information is safe with us.