Mold Removal Express is the BEST Denver black mold removal service.

It’s as simple as that…

The best Denver mold removal service.

Denver Mold Removal has NEVER been more affordable (UNDER $2,600)

Mold Removal Express can make the normally scary prospect of ridding your property of mold into a simple, safe and affordable project. Our experienced and professional team will remove the mold hazards from your property quickly, efficiently and safely all for a much lower expense than the other guys.

Mold Removal Express provides fast, affordable and 100% guaranteed black mold removal services in and around Denver. Most mold situations cost less than $2,600 for us to complete our state-of-the-art remediation process. Small mold contaminations can cost as little as $750. If you have mold, you do not want to live with it! We can treat your home in less than 24 hours! On top of that, our Denver mold removal services at 100%, money-back guaranteed.

Denver mold removal that is FAST, AFFORDABLE & 100% GUARANTEED.

Mold Removal Express also offers professional, laboratory-based mold testing services. If you have any reason to believe that there is a mold hazard in your home, testing that area for mold is a necessary first step. The process begins with a mold inspection and sampling. The samples are sent to a local laboratory that will deliver a detailed report of mold levels in the sampled areas. With that information, we can decide how to attack any mold hazard that may be present.

Mold testing by Mold Removal Express typically costs $300 to $400 (depending on the number of areas you would like sampled). Our testing strategy is to keep it simple and actionable. We are here to help you make sure your home is safe for your family.

We are YOUR Best Choice for Denver Mold Removal

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