The Different Concepts of Mold Testing

When facing a mold problem in your home, it's best to contact a Denver Mold Test Service professional to investigate the situation and see the degree of the problem. Not only does this save you time and money, but it will ensure the safety of your family.

Let us take a look at The Different Concepts Available for Mold Testing.

But First, What is Mold Testing?

Mold testing consists of collecting air samples or surface samples from the home, business, or commercial space. A Mold Testing Service professional will then deliver the samples to a laboratory for analysis to see if mold exists and identify the type(s).

When the lab has completed the analysis, the results are delivered to the customer with notations to further explain the meaning and significance of the data. If mold is discovered, a mold test Denver professional will offer solutions for the tested areas to remediate the contaminated areas.

What are the Four Concepts of Testing Used by Mold Professionals?

The four methods of mold testing are:

  • non-intrusive visual inspection
  • swabs, tapes, bulk samples
  • air sampling
  • intrusive

What Does Non-Intrusive Visual Inspection Consist of?

The simplest testing methods to get a confirmation that you have a mold issue, is a non-intrusive visual inspection. But when it's not possible to do a "visual" inspection to confirm the presence of mold, the next methods would be more scientific, which includes: tape, swabs, air sampling, collecting bulk samples, and lastly intrusive testing.

Swabs, Tapes and Bulk Samples

The most basic form of scientific confirmation of mold's presence is the use of swabs, tapes, and bulk sampling.

This method only addresses a limited and localized spot of where the mold growth possibly is. Swabs, tapes, and bulk samples can identify different mold types and determine if the samples are contaminated enough to present a potential hazard to the occupants.

Samples collected from these procedures will be sent to a lab, where a technician can determine the quantity of mold present in the samples and identify the varieties of the mold found.

What is Air Sampling

Another form of mold testing is called air sampling. A mold service professional will gather samples from the air of the suspected site of mold contamination, Samples are collected by using a pump that will force air through a containing device that catches the spores. This sample, just like the others, will be sent to a lab to be analyzed.

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