Prevent Black Mold Growth in The Cooler Months

It's a common misconception that mold cannot grow in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. Often, people think of the colder seasons as a time of stagnation or hibernation. Pair this with the arid implications of the season, and people tend to believe that mold “hibernates” also.

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Unfortunately, this is not correct. Fall and winter's secluded areas and moist environment can build an ideal breeding ground for mold and other harmful pathogens, like mildew. Therefore, it's vital that you prepare your Denver home for the cooler temperatures.

Let's look at some ways to prevent mold growth in your Denver home during the cooler months. The last thing you want to do during the holidays is add hiring a Denver mold remediation specialist to your task list!

First you need to know what black mold is.

Maintain a Low Interior Humidity Level

Moisture is the primary culprit behind mold growth, which can cause property damage and result in health difficulties, such as allergic reactions. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the humidity inside your house low. Mold Removal Denver professionals recommend maintaining the moisture level at 50% or below.

Air conditioning units can assist in preventing mold growth, but you need to ensure that your AC is in proper working condition to allow enough air circulation. In high humidity areas, you can use dehumidifiers to control the interior moisture level of your Denver home. Dehumidifiers also record the humidity level, making it convenient to keep track of indoor conditions. During the extremely wet seasons, consider setting the dehumidifier to 50%.

Set Ceiling Fans in the Opposite Direction

As surprising as this may sound, turning your ceiling fans’ rotation in the opposite direction during the fall or winter season can assist with moisture maintenance. During summer, setting a ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise can reduce a room's temperature by 8 degrees. This is because fresh air is pushed downwards, and warm air is drawn up. Thus, setting the ceiling fan clockwise will draw up cold air and push down warm air. This reduces the chances of mold growth as there is little or no moist air to support growth.

Install Exhaust Fans in Rooms with Water

During the wet seasons, you are likely to notice that mold first begins growing in the kitchen and bathroom due to the moisture contained in such parts of your home. Therefore, consider installing exhaust fans in these rooms to keep the moisture level as low as possible.

You can also put dehumidifiers in the wet rooms to control the humidity despite the constant running water.

Remove Condensation on Windows

To fight the moisture from cooler temperatures, you need to watch out for condensation. But most people miss the condensation on windows. Usually, this condensation is impossible to avoid due to the build-up of internally generated humidity. This is a significant threat because it can create a fully contaminated environment that will require extensive remediation. Too much condensation on the windows should be a warning side that the interior humidity level exceeds 60%. After regulating the moisture, consider wiping the moisture formed on the windows to prevent the spreading of mold to the wood and the adjacent walls.

In conjunction, you can install high-quality window seals that will protect the entire window structure. Also, remember to absorb the water that gets trapped on the window seals after cleaning.

Take Care of Roof Gutters

The spread of mold significantly affects the roof because the roof encounters rainwater, exterior humidity, and other factors that sustain mold’s development. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the roof gutter is always in good condition. To achieve this, get rid of all the debris in the drain to allow the proper flow of rainwater. Trapped debris creates stagnant water, which, when ignored, forms molds after 48 hours. Your best strategy may be inspecting the gutters after every few days to do away with clogged debris.

What If My Home Has Black Mold In Denver?

If mold is present in your home, it requires the work of professionals for mold remediation to remove. Mold Removal Express has you covered for both mold testing service and black mold removal in Denver and all surrounding areas. Our experts employ forward thinking strategies for mold removal. Mold Removal Express makes mold remediation fast and affordable and is 100% guaranteed. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate.