Mold In Basements

Basements Are High Risk For Mold Growth

You’ll know it when you smell it (think damp, musty, like rotting leaves) or when you see it (white, black, brown, or even gray, yellow or green splotches all over the place). When mold rears its ugly, smelly head in your Denver basement, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads and claims the rest of your home for its own. Don’t let it. Get rid of the mold. Don’t try doing it yourself, contact a professional Denver Mold Removal service immediately before the problem gets way out of control.

The Problem with Mold

Growing mold releases microscopic spores – tiny little seeds – that drift in the air. It’s almost unavoidable that some will come inside your house and basement. The problem begins when they find the conditions they need to develop into mold: dark, damp, stagnant or mostly still air and temperatures above freezing (but somewhere below boiling).

Mold in the basement can be a major problem. It can easily grow in the basement of your house, especially in older houses and buildings. This can create an unhealthy living environment. How can you recognize the existence of basement mold?

Depending on the type of soil under your home, mold can easily emerge from a moist soil. If your city or town is built on a former swamp or wetland or is located under sea level, your house or building might be built on moist soil.

Mold can occur and grow in the basement of your home without anyone noticing it, especially if the basement is not inspected regularly by anyone. However, there are symptoms that could indicate the possible occurrence and/or growth of mold in the basement of your home. Also, there are a couple of actions that could prevent mold from growing and affecting the (wooden) construction of your house.

Mold Symptoms

When you suspect any type of mold, like black mold, growing in your Denver basement, contact a Black Mold Removal Denver remediation company to inspect the infected areas. Call the best one that Denver has to offer, Mold Removal Express that will get the job done right.

Mold can affect the construction of the building, the floor and the staircase, putting you, your family and neighbors in danger.

But how to suspect mold in your home? A couple of symptoms can easily be perceived. If you had leaking water pipes in the near or far past, chances are that this has caused a damp atmosphere in the basement. When the basement is not ventilated properly, mold can occur in this damp atmosphere.

When a basement is not ventilated properly, a moist environment caused by a moist soil and other symptoms can develop. This results in the perfect conditions for the growth of mold in the basements. Ventilations holes can be blocked intentionally or unintentionally. Unintentional blocking might be done by construction work in which a ventilation hole is removed, plants growing at the outside of a ventilation point or not regular cleaning and checking of the ventilation holes. Keep in mind that good ventilation is essential in efforts to prevent mold.

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