How to Tell if You Have a Mold Problem

Find the Mold Before it Becomes a Huge Problem

No one wants to discover mold in their home, since it can be dangerous. Once mold spores get into the air, they can be difficult to remove. Knowing this makes it rather daunting when a homeowner finds a mold problem in their Denver home.

Many people live in their homes with mold and may never realize it is even there until it is too late. The warning signs may be ignored until the problem reaches a point where the mold is taking over and taking a toll on their overall health.

It’s better to find the mold BEFORE it becomes a major problem. If you notice any of the following warning signs, take the necessary actions to inspect and remediate the problem with a certified professional.

Here are a Few Warning Signs of a Mold Problem

It is so important to be aware of what the signs are. You may be sharing your home with more than just your family. Signs that you may have mold can include:

Appearance of mold

It is easy to distinguish soap scum from mold in your shower or bath. Yet, in the basement or cellar, you may have to investigate a little bit further to find the mold. Mold thrives on damp areas. So, if you have a wall or floor where dampness collects, mold could very well be there. While not all mold can be easily seen, a quick inspection of your home may alert you to visible signs that you have a mold problem.

A Strange Odor

If your house has a very pungent, mildew smell to it, you may have a mold problem. Mold can live within the walls or behind wallpaper, and so you might not associate the smell with a mold problem right away. If you do notice an unusually persistent odor in your home, the culprit may be mold. When you suspect any type of mold, like black mold, growing in your Denver home, contact a Black Mold Removal Denver remediation company to inspect the contaminated areas.

Check Known Moisture Sources

If at any time you suspect that you may have a mold problem, it is imperative that you put on your investigator hat and get to work right away. Mold can become a serious issue very quickly, so you won’t want to waste any time.

Be sure to check all moist areas of your home first. Basements, attics, and crawl spaces are the first places to look. Think of the places you do see frequently. Another place to check is baseboards and ceilings of your home, in addition to the walls in hard to reach places. Additionally, make sure to pay special attention to doors, windows, and other seals to the outside.

Do You Have a Mold Problem?

Don’t even try think of removing the mold yourself. Instead, contact a professional Mold Removal Denver service immediately before the problem gets out of control. A mold professional can perform a thorough inspection of your entire home. Also, a professional inspection will bring peace of mind that nothing is missed.

One of the questions that may pop into your head when you suspect mold is whether you need to treat it right away. The answer is ’YES’. Don’t sit around and wait for it to get worse. Mold can be quite dangerous to your health and your wallet. It can cost a lot of money in the long run if you do not take care of it early on. Ignoring the warning signs that you may have mold only exacerbates the problems you will experience.

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