How to Better Understand Mold Testing and the Mold Removal Process

The discovery of a large-scale fungus or mold growth inside your Denver home or business can be very discouraging, and aggravating. Mold can affect your health and cause dangerous side effects if not taken care of quickly. Also, not to mention lowering the property value of your home.

If you are considering selling your home but have a mold battle on your hands, your sale will be very arduous. Mold can leave behind a putrid odor that can require significant disinfecting and sterilizing. With all these cons, it's a wonder why some people may wait until it's too late and let mold grow. However, if this does happen to you, it’s best to call in professionals to assess and take care of the situation, so you don’t impede the sale of your home and put yourself or anyone else in your family in harm's way.

Let’s take a look and learn how better to understand Denver Mold Testing and the Mold Removal Process.

Self-Kits Sold at Stores, Can I Use them Instead?

Indeed, without a doubt, you are sure that you have mold growth inside your home, and you want to try to test for it yourself.

If you choose to do your assessment with a home mold test kit, you will just be wasting time and money. These tests are unreliable, can produce false positives, and are not scientifically accurate.

For true peace of mind and to know the extent of your mold problem, it's best to contact a Mold testing Denver professional and not risk your health with do-it-yourself mold testing kits.

Professionals have the appropriate knowledge and equipment to conduct proper mold testing.

What are the Different Types of Mold Testing?

Let us take a look at the various types of Denver mold test service that can be administered by a mold service professional.

Sample the Air (inside and outside)

To conduct a test for air sampling, a mold expert will collect indoor air samples from inside your home or business. Another sample, a control sample, will be taken outside of your home as well. The control sample will indicate what the normal levels of mold are in your neighborhood.

Then, your mold expert will conduct a comparison between the indoor and outdoor air samples collected to find out if there are any high mold levels of mold spores inside your home. It is important to quantify the number of spores present to determine if the air inside the home contains higher levels of mold than the air outside the home which would indicate that there is a potential mold hazard inside your home.

Lift Tape Sample

Another type of mold testing that is used by mold professionals is using lift tape. A piece of tape can be arranged onto several areas to be tested. Next, the tape is lifted and is placed onto a micro-glass slide. The lift tape sample is sealed and studied by a microbiology lab to check for mold spores.

Swab Sample

A swab test’s primary function is to determine the “type” of mold suspected to be in your home or business. Tape swab tests do not identify the number of spores; only the variety of mold present.

Since all mold issues require remediation, a mold spore count is important. A cotton swab is used for a swab test to wipe a surface for testing purposes. The cotton swab is then sent away to be examined at a lab under a microscope.

The Mold Testing Process

Step 1: Mold Testing

So, you may think that mold testing is only required for mold growth that you can see; however, that is not the case. Mold testing is used by professionals to help determine where all the mold growth areas are thought to be in your home or business. Also, a Denver Mold Test Service professional can identify what type of mold you are dealing with. Accurate mold testing by a professional assures that all the targeted areas are dealt with correctly when moving onto the next phase, the remediation process.

Step Two: Mold Removal and Remediation

Areas in your home that have been determined to have been exposed to mold need to be blocked off. Mold spores will float around in the air after being dislodged, which in turn can pose a threat to other areas home to become affected by mold growth.

To prevent this from happening, your mold removal team will expose the mold growth areas, then sterilize, decontaminate, and clean off the visible mold.

Once all the remediation procedures are completed in the home, you can consider the mold “dealt” with. A deodorization process can be done also, that will get rid of the musty order that mold can leave behind.

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