Cost of Removing Mold in Denver

If you find mold growing in your Denver home, it’s important to sound the alarm and get rid of it as fast as possible.

Delaying removal of the mold can lead to extensive and costly remediation and repairs. The early use of professional mold remediation in Denver will cost $500 to $6,000, on average. However, this price can skyrocket into the tens of thousands of dollars if the problem is left unaddressed for too long.

Here’s what you should know about the cost for mold removal in Denver.

Homeowner’s Insurance May Cover Mold Removal Costs

Depending on the cause of the mold, your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the costs. If the mold developed as a result of an emergency pipe burst, roof leak, or other case of recent water damage, the cost will often be covered by most homeowners insurance policies.

But if any water damage was left untreated or a consistent source of moisture was never removed, insurance companies are less likely to cover mold damage.

Looking for the Best?

Looking for the best mold remediation in Denver? Then Mold Removal Express is the company for you. They are the most affordable, fast and 100% guaranteed Mold Remediation Services.

Basement Removal/Crawl Space

Most Denver professionals will charge can arm and a leg to remove mold from your basement. Not Mold Removal Express. Their Fogging Treatment will cost you $2600 under typical circumstances. The costs of basement mold removal may increase if the existing mold is behind wood paneling or behind a finished wall.

Attic Removal

Attics are the most common areas where mold likes to grow due to the frequency of roof leaks. If a leak has gone undetected in your attic for a long period of time, your remediation, may be higher than expected. Therefore, you may need to budget roof repair costs to tackle the underlying cause. However, the typical mold removal cost from Mold Removal Express will run around $2600 also.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is considered the most dangerous mold since it can cause serious health risks. Toxic black mold must be methodically removed by a professional in order to reduce the risks of further contamination. Mold Removal Express's treatments will kill all mold toxins in the treated area; including black mold

Spot Treatments

  • Do you have a small mold spot that needs a less invasive treatment? No problem. Mold Removal Express offers Spot Treatment services to kill smaller, localized mold contaminations. The cost of a Spot Treatment will be $650-$950.

    At Mold Removal Express, we offer a cutting-edge mold remediation method that will have your property free of the mold hazard in 24 hours.

    Most attics, basements and crawlspaces can be fully treated by Mold Removal Express for LESS THAN $2,700! Mold Removal Express will make your mold remediation fast and affordable and is 100% guaranteed. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate. Contact Us Today