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Mold Removal Express offers 24 hour black mold remediation for UNDER $2600. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, there's never a worry that we will get the job done right the first time. Once we are finished, the home that was treated will pass a mold test. Servicing all of Colorado & Wyoming.

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Mold Removal Express is a black mold remediation company like no other. We do not use the typical “destruction” remediation methods. It doesn’t take us days or weeks to rid your property of a mold hazard. We are not secretive about our prices. Instead, we make mold remediation fast, simple and cost effective.

Why Choose Us You Say?

We offer fast and easy black mold removal services.
Affordable black mold remediation.
Our black mold removal is fully guaranteed.
We are a local mold service company.


by True Mold Experts

Mold Removal Express offers premium quality black mold removal services performed by Mold Technicians with years of experience. This is why our services are backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Plus we are accredited by the BBB! If you want the best, call Mold Removal Express.

Why Choose Us You Say?


Mold Removal Express is the fastest, most affordable, and only guaranteed black mold removal company in Colorado & Wyoming. We offer free consultations, the lowest prices, and a money back guarantee combined with a one year guarantee on all of our mold removal solutions. We use the safest methods available and have an extremely short turn around time. Our comapny is intentionally changing the way that we think about black mold and how a homeowner can address this hazard. Mold Removal Express is proudly accredited by the Colorado Better Business Bureau.

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