Mold TestFast. Affordable. Certified.

Mold Removal Express’ mold testing services are conducted by a NACHI & Lab Certified Technician. The service is a scientific and visual analysis to determine if your property has a mold contamination. We are proud to help our clients with fast, accurate and affordable information about possible mold in their homes and buildings.

Our Basic Mold Test package appointment typically includes:
  • A brief visual inspection of the suspected mold contamination area.
  • A brief discussion with the client about the circumstances and possible causes for the possible mold contamination.
  • Two mold tests (client’s choice of either air samples or surface samples).
  • Additional samples available at an additional charge.
  • Detailed mold test results delivered via email typically within 2-3 business days (rush orders are available).

Air Sample Mold Test Denver (including two samples): $300
Additional Samples: $50

This pricing is valid for mold testing in the Denver area. Our testing services are offered in Northern Colorado and other surrounding areas, but the cost may vary.

If you suspect mold in your property, it is imperative that you schedule Mold Removal Express for a mold test service in Denver. Getting your home tested for mold will allow you to ensure that you and your family are safe from the hazards that mold can present. Our air/surface sample based, lab tested mold results are accurate and can be expedited in emergency situations.

Mold Removal Express specializes in working with properties that are involved in real estate transactions. If your home inspector flags a property you are buying or selling for possible mold, we are here to help! We can work with you and/or your real estate agent to make the test happen quickly and with the best chances of keeping your deal together!

What happens if your mold test Denver comes back positive for a mold contamination? While having mold in your property is not the news that you want, it is easily and affordably correctable. Mold Removal Express offers Spot Treatment mold removal from $650 for contaminations concentrated to small areas. Fogging Treatments are available for crawlspaces, attics and larger contaminations and are priced from $2,600. Regardless of the contamination size, Mold Removal Express can help quickly and affordably remove the mold hazard from your property. Plus, all of our mold remediation treatments are 100% guaranteed. Learn more about mold removal treatments here.

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