Mold Cleaning

Mold Cleaning Service

  • Mold Removal Express’ Mold Remediation Service kills mold and neutralizes the mycotoxins, but does not remove the visible mold from the surfaces in your home. When we are done, you will very likely see what appears to be mold in the same locations you saw it before.
  • Normally, (with other mold remediation methods) just killing the mold and leaving the visible presence in place can still allow hazardous conditions to potentially harm the health of the occupants because of toxins that are still active. With our process however, we kill the mold all the way through the root system AND neutralize the toxins at the same time so any mold colonies that are still remaining are completely harmless!
  • So, even though your property will be a virtually sterile environment after our treatment, a potential buyer of a home is not likely to be happy to buy a home with (what looks like) mold showing up. Almost all buyers want it cleaned off too – not just sterilized.

Why is Mold Cleaning not included in the Mold Removal Service?

  • Mold Cleaning Service is offered as an optional add-on to ensure that MRE’s Mold Remediation Service is the most economical option available for our customers.
  • With MRE, you can choose to clean the visible mold yourself or purchase Mold Removal Express’ Mold Cleaning Service.

If you choose to have us clean off the visible mold, you can feel confident that not only will the premises pass a live spore mold test and be safe for the occupants, but it will please any home inspector or purchaser on a visual inspection.

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