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Colorado Coronavirus Decontamination ServiceHas someone in your office, rental property, commercial facility or home been diagnosed with COVID-19 Coronavirus? Are you interested in a preventative cleaning of your property to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Mold Removal Express is here to help! We have the tools, sterilizing solutions and expertise to disinfect and sterilize the contact surfaces in any home or facility in Denver, Fort Collins & Boulder from Human Coronavirus contamination. We use EPA registered disinfectants that are compatible with our misting/fogging/spray equipment and that have proven effective in sterilizing in the case of COVID-19 contaminations as well as many other bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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Our team has been trained on the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as N95 Respirators, Tyvek suits, Facial Protection, etc., and we are ready to bring our services to decontaminate and sterilize your indoor environment

Coronavirus decontamination services from Mold Removal Express are FAST & AFFORDABLE. Whether you know you have a contamination, or you are interested in doing a preventative sterilization, we can make the process simple and painless for you. We will help you navigate your specific situation with expertise, honesty and transparency.

What should you do if someone in your home, office or facility is diagnosed with Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Call us right away so we can work with you to develop a site-specific plan for disinfecting your specific location.

Transparency is incredibly important to employees, especially when addressing workplace health and safety matters that affect the collective wellbeing. Some of your employees may be wondering how your organization is addressing the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Utilizing standard communication channels for company wide communication, we recommend that you inform your employees, recent guests and other on-site personnel that you are utilizing a proactive approach by taking important steps that include cleaning and disinfecting common ‘touchpoints’ and other potentially contaminated areas more stringently. Conveying a calm and clear message will minimize any sense of panic, provide reassurance, and hopefully, result in minimal disruption to company operations.

We are committed to providing a sanitary space for your employees or family, to minimize the potential hazard of COVID-19 infection.

Mold Removal Express has built its reputation on helping homeowners and businesses provide healthier environments across Colorado for several years. Now, more than ever, this mission rings true for our organization in providing expert-level commercial residential Coronavirus decontamination services to our customers in such an unprecedented time. We know that sanitizing and disinfecting services will no longer be seen as a luxury, but a necessity in these changing times, and we are the resource your business can count on. Our affordable service using our disinfecting spraying, misting and fogging service will assure that your home or business will always be ready to welcome you, your family, guests, staff and customers each day to a clean and healthy environment.

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