1. Mold vs Mildew

    Denver Mold vs. Mildew: What’s the Difference? Mold and mildew seem often to be mentioned in tandem. Home cleaning solutions claim to prevent “mold and mildew.” Homeowners are cautioned against the potential air quality dangers of “mold and mildew.” Denver mold and mildew may have similar sounding names, both might be fungi, and no one wants to see either in their home. But there are dis…Read More

  2. 3 Hazardous Types of Mold You Might Find In Your House

    Scientific sources say that there may be as many as 100,000 different species of mold. Not all of these molds are indoor molds — molds that could be found in your home — and some of them are harmless. Still, even if only one percent of 100,000 were possible threats to your home, that’s 100 different species of mold. Ideally, you want to avoid all types of mold in your home. However, there ar…Read More

  3. 4 Signs That Your Home Has Black Mold

    Detecting Black Mold In Your Home One of the problems with black mold is that many homeowners miss the signs until their home has a serious problem. In moist conditions, black mold can spread quickly, and the sight of it on the walls may not be the first thing you notice. It’s important to know the other signs so you can catch black mold in your home while the problem is still manageable. Here a…Read More