1. The Importance of Testing Your Home For Mold

    Two varieties of mold exist, the useful type and the undesired one.  Useful mold provides us with food or can be used to make vital medications, like penicillin.  On the other hand, the bad type of mold brings more trouble than good.  This includes the dark, damp corners of your house where water seeps in, creating symptoms such as throat irritation, sinus infection and asthma.  Household mold…Read More

  2. Black Mold, What You Need to Know!

      Discovering that you may have black mold in your Denver home can leave you with a feeling of distress and anxiety. You may ask yourself, how toxic is black mold, how expensive will it be to get rid of or, who can you contact for black mold removal in Denver? These questions and feelings are common, as well as valid. But, be sure to acknowledge that if your black mold issues are remediated …Read More

  3. Mold In Your Crawl Space: Here’s What You Need To Know

    Crawl spaces are one of the most common areas of mold growth in your Denver home. Often, families hardly ever investigate their crawl spaces.  This could mean mold problems, which are generally not discovered until the problem has already grown out of control. Do you think mold in your Denver crawl space is not a huge deal? Well you need to think again! Since mold may be out of sight, generally …Read More

  4. How to Tell if You Have a Mold Problem

    Find the Mold Before it Becomes a Huge Problem No one wants to discover mold in their home, since it can be dangerous.  Once mold spores get into the air, they can be difficult to remove.  Knowing this makes it rather daunting when a homeowner finds a mold problem in their Denver home. Many people live in their homes with mold and may never realize it is even there until it is too late.  The wa…Read More

  5. Cost of Removing Mold in Denver

    If you find mold growing in your Denver home, it’s important to sound the alarm and get rid of it as fast as possible.  Delaying removal of the mold can lead to extensive and costly remediation and repairs.  The early use of professional mold remediation in Denver will cost $500 to $6,000, on average.  However, this price can skyrocket into the tens of thousands of dollars if the problem is l…Read More

  6. Mold Testing Cost

    How Much Does Mold Testing Cost? One of the biggest headaches for homeowners is dealing with mold.  Let’s say you’ve just found mold in your Denver home.  Now you are left wondering, how will you get rid of these unsightly AND unhealthy stains, and just as important, how much is it going to cost you to remove it from your home. Certainly, mold is a very serious problem and must be remedied r…Read More

  7. Mold, or Mildew? Which One is it and How to Deal with it!

    In your Denver home you can see something bizarre and unsightly on the surface of your home and instantly your mind starts questioning what could be it is and how to get rid of it. Is it mildew?  Could it be mold?  Is it dangerous to your family?  Is it going to cost a lot of money? If is mold, what is it anyway?   How does mold differ from mildew? Can I get rid of mold and mildew myself or d…Read More

  8. Mold In Basements

    Basements Are High Risk For Mold Growth You’ll know it when you smell it (think damp, musty, like rotting leaves) or when you see it (white, black, brown, or even gray, yellow or green splotches all over the place). When mold rears its ugly, smelly head in your Denver basement, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads and claims the rest of your home for its own. Don’t let it. Get rid of…Read More

  9. Checking Your House for Mold

    There can be quite a bit of conflicting advice when it comes to mold testing in Denver for your home; specifically, whether it’s a DIY-type job or one that calls for the experts. Yet as with most things, it’s not a black and white answer, with different circumstances requiring different approaches. Before it can be elucidated further, however, you should know the signs that may lead you to che…Read More

  10. The Most Dangerous Types Of Mold

    Have you ever suspected or discovered mold in your workplace or home while living in Denver?  The most common question that arises is “is it dangerous?”  Am I going to need a mold test in Denver? Not all mold is toxic while other are majority toxic.  At the same time, no mold in the home or workplace is good, there are types that fall into a “most dangerous,” category,” and that requi…Read More